Our Master Bedroom - Organic mattress + living with plants!

Our Master Bedroom -  Organic mattress + living with plants!

Hey friends!!! I finally got a minute to snap some pics of our bedroom makeover! I shared on my @oldbarnliving account last fall that I was on the hunt for an organic mattress. This was not an easy task, there are only a handful of options out there and not a lot of information to compare each one to. I had my eye on Saatva Mattress for a while and fell in love with the look and general vibe of their company. Then I saw they had an organic mattress and I jumped for joy!!! Toni and I chose their Luxury Firm as it was rated as their best comfort level. Now to wait for the delivery!

I literally threw myself onto this mattress the moment it was set up by the delivery men. These guys removed our old mattress and base which is such a great service!! I highly recommend it! Can you even with how gorgeous the mattress itself is?! I LOVE!!

Hands down the best decision we made for our master bedroom makeover was choosing a high quality, organic mattress! I have not slept so well ever, and according to my cardiologist, sleep is SUPER important! It literally does affect my heart and this annoying arrhythmia I've got. With the kids waking up and waking me up it was bad enough, but our old mattress was so uncomfortable that I was waking up because of discomfort and THAT I can control! 


So began our simple, minimal bedroom makeover! I wanted to create a peaceful retreat that I could walk into and instantly feel at peace. I chose lots of unique plants and painted vintage furniture with Milk Paint because our unique recipe actually takes carbon dioxide out of the air! It's like my furniture does double duty as an air purifier! I removed our metal nightstands that just didn't vibe with me anymore, and while I have yet to find some to replace them with, I did end up making use of an old ladder sitting in the yard, and an old chair with my favorite crusty crate on top! They work and I'm not going to make a purchase for something just because I need it right now. I'll use what I can and have on hand until that perfect piece presents itself in my life! I kind of dig these unconventional nightstands!   


 I actually chose my bedding last summer, I had been drooling over the Anthropologie Banksia Collection for months!! I mean, this bedding.. I DIE! It goes perfectly with all my favorite bedroom staples, the dream catcher, my large macrame wall hanging. LOVE it all so much!  I made the plunge when Anthro had a sale in late winter and mixed ad matched with the Aldalora Shams. I have never splurged on anything like this before and I have to say it feels amazing to indulge for once on something for me, especially when that something makes me feel so dang good inside! I LOVE my room and the way that everything came together and expresses just what I love and what brings joy to my soul! 



While I share the rest of our space, this is fair warning to all, I'm not an interior designer and this space is just all about what I like. I'm SO happy with how my bedroom has become a peaceful space that exudes positive energy. Everywhere my eye lands is something I adore and treasure, something that gives a little jolt to my spirit. 

I see so many amazing bloggers and just awesome women on Instagram who have amazingly styled homes they feel so proud of and love! TV shows, commercials, catalogues people who love their home decor are everywhere and that's what I've always wanted in my own home, to love what's in it. I used to see these happy people and try to emulate what they loved in their space and put that in my home thinking this would give me the same feelings about my space. 

When that didn't work for me, and yes it was gorgeous, I didn't get that excitement and flutter over how things looked. I thought, "oh man I love it in her space or on that show, what's wrong with me?" I started thinking about what I truly love without worry of if anyone else liked it.

 My first apartment I ever had was such a plant haven but people made remarks and said how it was like a nursery and not a home. Or how it was weird that I would use a chair or dresser in an unconventional way. I was SO happy there regardless, my macrame wall hangings and plant holders were NOT in style but I loved them! I made due with what I had and created my own space.

When I met Toni, I was intimidated to really delve into creating our home the way I wanted it. His mom had this big, gorgeous house and it was like walking into a place a REAL interior designer created. Having always dreamed of being an interior designer and having those dreams put on hold when they were just beginning to bloom really knocked the wind out of my sails. From there on out I was more concerned with agreeing with others and not having my own voice. I lost my spark for a few years there..



 As Toni and I were young and in love and I had a disabled child, we didn't have anything just a roof over our heads and three hungry kids, a couch, kitchen table and minimal dishes. We were blessed with a lot of hand me downs which were great pieces that we used, and that's what we lived with. Looking back now, that was such a simple joyful time in our lives! Our townhouse was nice, and looked good. It wasn't any of my stuff though.

When we moved out of there into a nicer neighborhood, (no more helicopters flying over head, and police sirens, fights outside, and theft,  my Mother in Law did something so wonderful! We couldn't afford to purchase pictures and knick knacks so she got them for us and surprised us one day with this beautifully decorated home because she wanted us to have a comfortable space. She took amazing care of us! It's seriously one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. I wasn't shown kindness much in my early years, and this blew me away.

 As we established ourselves I felt like I had to keep everything that was given to us or I would come across as ungrateful and just never did anything. At all. For about 9 years! Last year we moved. And we purged. Everything.

We moved into my in laws house and our plan was to save to purchase our own home. We are still here, and ever so close to finding our next home but in the meantime I've decided to create a space that I can really feel comfortable in. So yeah...  I've learned to find my voice again and embrace and love what makes me different.  

I couldn't help snapping some more pics of Jacques our adorable Pilea plantlet I adopted recently! He's growing already and is so happy in his new home! Jacques fits in so perfectly with the rest of our plant gang and I just can't help that he's the star of the show lately! Look how cute he is!! 




I have to give Antrhopologie's Terrain a huge shout out here, they have some of the healthiest and most stunning plants I can find locally! This linen pot and saucer came with that cloche and it creates just the right amount of humidity for little Jacques to thrive in! We want those little roots to take hold and grow, grow, grow, and that's just what we are getting! 



In our household we teach the kids as much about the things we love as possible, so I encourage the children to get their hands in the soil and help plant, water, and prune our little jungalow. Along with this we read aloud a lot. You know plants like to be talked to so we gather in our room, read and just veg out, when we cann of course because we don't get a lot of relaxation time around here! While I was photographing this space Bea came in with one of Toni's books from Iceland and say here reading to me. I love this girl and her enthusiasm for practically everything!



I so appreciate you following along with my ramblings, it's late and time to get these kids to bed so I am going to sign off for now! Leave your comments below and follow along with me on both out instagram accounts @oldbarnmilkpaint and @oldbarnliving 

I can't wait to see what you create!




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