We launched our new website + what's been happening behind the scenes

We launched our new website + what's been happening behind the scenes

Hi guys! I've been busy building a new website that integrates more features. I hope you let me know how you like it! Unfortunately I lost all of my previous blogs! OH NO!!!  I'm working on how to save them, if possible and will publish them here once I have this all figured out. If I'm unable to move them over, all will be well, I will rebuild the blog and write up new posts and hey, maybe this will be the push I need to freshen some things up around here! I have been hearing word that you all would like to see some videos on mixing Old Barn Milk Paint and working on projects! How much fun will that be?! 

 I so wish there were more hours in the day... I have so much going on this week prepping a huge order for a popular retailer that I know you will all love to see OBMP in! I'll share more about that later, but for now, I'm working on training employees, setting business hours for myself, and sticking to them! I read a post recently by Liz Marie and she was talking about being fully present and that blog post is one of the only blog posts I've ever read that has stayed with me and has been floating around in the front of my mind. Especially after this recent event that happened a couple days ago.

Yesterday we celebrated my 6 year old son's birthday and Thursday, something happened earlier this week that fully caught my attention. I was working packing and shipping orders, literally fully immersed in my work! Odinn was playing in the driveway and he'd come back and forth to me chatting away. You know how it is when you're in the middle of something important and your kids are talking about all the things and you're like, "uh huh.. WOW, that's amazing!" I was doing that... Kind of disappointing to write it all out and see how it looks in writing. Anyways, Odinn was out there in the driveway saying "trying, trying... ugh!!  TRYing again..." over and over again. He did this for about 10-15 minutes and then he yelled super loud, "MOM LOOK, LOOK AT ME!" I looked over and this sweet boy had taught himself to ride on his big brothers bike right there. No help from me whatsoever. My first feeling was proud of him for his accomplishment followed by instant guilt and I was kind of sad I wasn't there for him. I mean Toni and I helped all the other kids learn to ride their bikes and have videos of it to cherish those milestones.


I had this nagging feeling that I was missing out and doing something wrong because I wasn't there for Odinn. The next day, his birthday, I was still mulling this over in my head and asking myself is it worth it? I know this may sound crazy, but I kept coming to yes, it is worth it... I am building a business doing something I love. My entire life I've done for others, I've pushed my dreams to the side because they didn't fit in with life at the moment. Yes owning a business takes a ton of time and I have missed out on some things with the kids, but we do have balance. I can imagine some of you may be shocked at my feeling on this, but another thing I realized was if I were there trying to help Odinn  he wouldn't have done it on his own. He didn't ask me for help either because he wanted to see if he could do it himself and he did! Full disclosure, we have worried about Odinn, he is SO stubborn!  Last year at school he refused  to line up with the class before school. ALL. YEAR. LONG... nothing we did worked, he had consequences at home and at school eventually the school gave up and we had a meeting and tried bribery. Anything he wanted from the toy store. Didn't work. He just didn't want to line up for some reason and he never did. This year is different, maybe it's because he's at the same school as his siblings or maybe likes his teacher now, but he follows all the rules and is a model student. 

 This recent experience with the bike riding has taught me that being stubborn has it's advantages. This kid will NOT give up. He needs guidance in making the right decisions and on what to take a stance on, obviously,  but I do not ever want to take his determination away from him. I am grateful for this experience because I realize I need to make sure I don't get so wrapped up in OBMP that I miss out on life. I need to set those business hours, be fully present during them which will mean hiring someone to help with the kids during the day. When business hours are over I am NOT WORKING!!! Unless there's an emergency.... or an email... or a message on instagram... the struggle is real guys. Wish me luck! 



I know this post took a different route than I had planned and if you're still with me thank you!!! This weekend I focused on family, and thought I'd share some pics with you of the group. 

Happy Painting, 


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  • Apr 27, 2020

    Any other retailers that might have some Hawthorne in stock?

    — Kimberly Mott

  • Jun 27, 2019

    Hi I had a question and wasn’t sure where to send it. With your stain I read that you don’t need a top coat. I stained the top of my coffee table and end table… will that be fine without a top coat? I also plan to do the tops of some dressers.

    — Megan

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