Rove Food Truck


     Rove + Dwell Food Truck is a specialty kitchen by Chef, Anton Axelsson. A husband, father of 8, and restauranteur. His family recipes inspired and fueled by a passion for cooking and bringing people together, were founded in his youth as a young boy in the kitchen of his father's California restaurants.

     In addition to growing up in the restaurant, Anton has over 30 years restaurant experience from the afore mentioned restaurants, to Executive Chef at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Walnut Creek, California, to running his own restaurants, Old Barn Kitchen in Paradise, and Chico, California. 

     The Food Truck came to be after Anton and his family made a 3,000 mile cross-country journey to Upstate New York, renovated their 161 year old farmhouse (purchased site-unseen, and began their hobby farm. With the dream and desire to live simply, sustainably, and together without the high stress of the restaurant industry. It wasn't long before Anton realized just how ingrained his passion for cooking was, that without creativity in a commercial kitchen, he was lacking something important and meaningful in his life. The foundation of the families move to New York relied on the family being together, and Anton knew a restaurant would be a 24/hr, 7 day a week commitment taking him away from his family at home. 

     Miraculously, with some networking in the community a Food Truck was brought forward that needed a bit of love, a motivated Chef, and a passion for cooking. Here this connection was made. 

      We are so proud and happy to be taking bookings for the 2023 season for the Rove + Dwell Food Truck.